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This is Jessica my dearly loved daughter a true gift from God, who fills my heart with joy.


A note from my baby girl.


To my dearest Mommy...

Although it's quite a statement Well, it happens to be true The best friend I have ever had I'm glad to say, is you. You're there if I should need you And you never turn away I know I can depend on you At any time of day. We've had our ups and downs As nearly everybody does But problems never last for long With special friends like us. Some people have so many friends With whom they spend their time But no-one has a best friend Who's as wonderful as mine. So thanks for always being there Your friendship's strong and true And I just want to let you know I'm always there for you ! i love u so... much mommy! thanks for being there for me! 

Church "Christ" Centered

Meet our Family, Friends and Staff

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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce our Family, Friends, Members.  Please scroll down and you will find that Christ is the Center and below your welcome to view pictures of some of us.  We are still under construction so keep checking back to see if I have posted your picture.  :)


Also, don't forget to go to the Prayer page to see if your name is listed for prayer.  If not go to the Site survey page and let me know.  Love and Peace be with you always.


A brief description of Nancy, she was born in Washington, State.  She grew up part of her life in Germany and the other part in the US.  It has been her life long dream to help others.  It has taken most of her life but she has found her true calling.  The Lord has been dealing with her heart for a long time; she wants nothing more than to share her faith with the world.  Realizing, because of own limitations, she will not be going to the end of the world to bring the WORD of the Lord. While she was a Logistics Analyst for the military she put her computer knowledge to work and created this website. 


Her husband of many years, Jesus aka: Jesse, from Mexico is a constant source of inspiration.  He is a great looking, hard working, husband and father.  Without whom Nancy would not be who she is today.


Her daughter, Jessica is the joy in her heart.  Jessica is a teenager that is easy going, smart, beautiful, caring, and loving. The Lord had blessed Jessica and her husband Brandon with a beautiful baby boy whom they have named Aden Angel Ramon.


 Nancy remains close with her Mother Lisa, Father James, and Sister Conny. Although the family is now extended to include Lisa's husband Jack and Jim's wife Martha, and Conny's and children, Stephanie and Michael they are all very happy. 


Her brother-in -law, Rafael and his wife Lydia and their three wonderful children Christian, Jose Louis aka: Pepe and Daniel are all a constant joy.


Nancy has a good relationship with her family in Mexico also, Papa Chu Chu, Mama Tere, Hela, Maria de la Luz aka: Lucha, Tina, Guadalupe, Trenedad, Susana, Lupita, Maribele, Alfredo, Monse, Pepo, Sonja, Fernanda, Nicolas, Gabriela, and many more.



Friends we want to acknowledge, to let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers.


Lisa and Jack

Jim and Martha

Conny and Dwain

Lydia and Rafael


Mi Familia en Mexio

Meine Familie in Deuchland

My Family all across the USA.


My Co-workers

May the Lord Father God in Heaven Bless you all richly.

Rev. G. Husband Jesse and daughter Jessica

In addition to being an Ordained Minister Nancy G has an amazing husband a precious daughter, and a full-time career.  Also now she owns a Latin store and she wants her love for the Lord to reach others and inspire them to do great and wonderful things for the Lord. She has now decided to close the store but has had the opportunity to meet wonderful people during her time as owner operator


Here is a picture and link to Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries; they gave me a great deal of assistance while on my journey to serving the Lord through this Christian Christ Base web-site.  I will always keep them in my prayers. 

 Feel free to contact us!

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