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Church "Christ" Centered

Calendar of Events
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Please let me know your special dates for us to post them, i.e., birthdates, anniversaries, and especially born again dates.


Don't forget to collect your box tops for your local schools, Old printer cartridges also.  Hope you saved a bunch, have an adult take them to the school office.


Save those bent cans for the Can food drive for the homeless. Ask your guardian before taking them. Wait for dates, and then you can put them at the curb for the mail carrier to pick them up.


Great job on the "Take care of someone else" project. We will do that one again! Keep writing me your stories. They warm my heart. Rememeber you don't have to wait for a project, do it all year around.



When school is in session in this area,  PLEASE drive to stay alive. Look out for the little ones. BE patient.


Birthday's and More!


Happy birthday, may the Father in Heaven bless you and yours now and always.  Nancy, Jesse, and Jessica

Rose, Large

January Babies...

16 Mr. Panther

20 Timmy Hertzlieb (Cousin)

24 Magarete Hertzlieb (aunt)

Lamont Garrison

26 Paul Dominski (Cousin's Husband)

February Babies...

2 Jessica (my beloved daughter)

2 Emily (neice)

13 Alexandra (neice)

Alan Hesch

25 Debbi (cousin)

25 Aden Angel (beloved grandbaby)

March Babies...

1 Mr. Ingram

8 Michelle Farrar (my BFF)

9 Cristian (my nephew)

16 Martha (my step mother)

22 James (my Daddy)

24 Jose (my nephew)

30 Mr. Blanchard (Chief) and Mr. Sammons

April Babies...

2 Diana (cousin) and Tante Grete (aunt)

3 Mr. Pete Simmons

4 Mr. Floyd

18 ME! and Aunt Lydia (my sister-in-law)

20 Tante Vronie (aunt)

06 Michael Sands

22 Mr. Reg Brown

23 Andre  Holmes

23 Mrs. Rose

30 Jason

May Babies...

2 Michael (my nephew)

23 Stephanie (my niece)

25 Rafael (my brother-in-law)

31 Dave (my uncle)


19 Stephanie Boyd (my niece)



September Babies are...

5 Dwain

10 Maria W.

15 Tante Ria

15 Florence

19 Lisa (my Mommy)

21 Tikki

October Babies...

3 Mr. Daniels

10 Mr. Stotts

12 Dan Shelman

24 Mrs. S. Penn

28 Jack, my step father

November Babies...

28 Becky

December Babies...

4 Mrs. Clift

5 Jesse (my beloved Husband)

8 Mr. James Ward

15 Mrs. Rothwell

19 Mr. Roberts

20 Conny (my one and only Sister)

25 Mrs. Ann Marie

29 Daniel (my baby Nephew) and Mrs. Hennigen

30 Mippy (Aunt Lydia's Mother)



We here at the Triple "C" wish you all the best on your upcoming Birthday's and pray that the Lord will bless you richly.

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