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Church "Christ" Centered

Youth Activities Clubs and Groups

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Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships. Joining a club or group is a great way to meet new people and get involved in an activity you enjoy. Clubs we offer include are childern activities, teen talk, new mother's, shut in, Bible study. Contact us for more information and meeting times


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Make a Right onto Believeth Blvd.

Keep straight and go through the Green Light, which is Jesus Christ.

There, you must turn onto the Bridge of Faith
, which is over troubled water.

When you get off the bridge, make a Right turn and Keep Straight.

You are on the King's Highway - Heaven-bound.
Keep going for three miles:
One for the Father, One for the Son, and One for the Holy Spirit

Then exit off onto Grace Blvd.
From there, make a Right turn on Gospel Lane
Keep Straight and then make another Right on Prayer Road
As you go on your way,
Yield Not to the traffic on Temptation Ave.
Also, avoid SIN STREET
because it is a DEAD END.

Pass up Envy Drive, and Hate Avenue.
Also, pass Hypocrisy Street, Gossiping Lane, and Backbiting Blvd.
However, you have to go down Long-suffering Lane,
Persecution Blvd. and Trials and Tribulations Ave.
But that's all right, because VICTORY Street
is straight ahead!



Prayer works...Group prayers work miracles


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Be a light unto the world

Developing and promoting youth activities are an important part of our church. Here we will discuss what we are doing to assist in the growth of our youth.

This site offers several ideas and activities for our younger members. Some of the more popular activities are:

Just highlight what you want, paste it on a Word Document.

* Bible study


* On-line Sunday school


* Self paced "Read the Bible"


*Baby sit for a Neighbor



Baby Sitters Help List


CHILD'S Name:__________________________________


Date of Birth:______________Allergies_______________


Snacks for you are (circle answer) in the fridge/cupboard/counter


Kids may not eat______________________________


Food allergies are____________________________


Medical Condition(s):_________________________





Kids may not_________________(example: go to

neighbors, ride bikes, make phone calls)at all

or after _____PM


Kids may_____________________________________

(example: have gluestick for scrapbook, pop popcorn


Child Should: (circle one)

Pick up toys: yes /no 

Do Home work: yes /no  

BATH: yes /no 

Set out clothes for tomorrow: yes/no


Time out for wrong behavior should be for _______minutes:

in the chair/ against wall /in bedroom (circle one)

Emergency phone numbers are: on fridge/wall/calendar


Home Address:_________________________________________

Directions to our home:_______________________________


Home Phone:________________Work Phone:________________

Cell Phone:________________


Medical Emergency Contact(s):_________________________

Police Department:___________Fire Department:_________

Poison Control:________________________


Doctor name:_____________Doctor Phone:________________


Hospital:________________Hospital Phone:______________




Company:____________ Group #:___________ID #:__________




Names & phone #s:______________________________________



*Help get someone ready to start school

Back to School Checklist

To Do

       Complete registration

       Get all recommended immunizations

       Determine the school dress code

       Request a list of necessary supplies from the school

       Meet the teacher

       Tour the school

       Help your child memorize your home phone, work phone, and home address

       Arrange transportation, designate a safe meeting spot, and practice the routine

       If walking, walk your child to and from school a few times

       If carpooling, introduce your child to all carpool drivers

       If riding the bus, determine times and bus stops

       Arrange for daycare

       Plan a menu for breakfasts, packed lunches, and after-school snacks

       Establish a homework location and schedule

       Prepare a school calendar of all important events

       Slip a note or photo into your child’s bag, for reassurance on their first day





To Purchase

       Clothing and shoes


       Lunch box

       School books

       Pens, pencils, crayons, markers

       Pencil sharpener


       Binder paper


       Safety scissors







* Yard sale, your trash someone else’s treasure or Wash that car for charity

Tips for Fundraising

The most important thing when fundraising for any parish event is to set a realistic goal. Fundraising isn’t always about raising X amount of dollars. Sometimes fundraisers are the best way for youth to get to know one another or make themselves a presence in the parish community .

While asking people for money isn’t the easiest thing to do, people feel good about giving to those they know. When your Youth Ministry program is active and alive in your parish, it will be easier to approach parishioners with fundraisers. While some of these fundraisers are geared specifically for WYD 2005, feel free to adapt any or all to fit your parish youth ministry needs.

Some quick tips to consider when it comes to fundraising:

  • Presentation to pastoral/finance council, get on the radar screen early.
  • Don’t leave fundraising until last minute and expect everyone to jump on board.
  • Ask for tips from those in your community who have fundraising experience. They can share their do’s and don’ts, saving you time now and later.
  • Get those who are benefiting involved! 
  • Have young people, wherever possible, ask directly – pulpit presentations, present at back of Church, reflection in parish bulletin, etc.
  • Look at the big picture and what’s “do-able” – set a goal, be realistic about the goal. What are the expectations? Will fundraising cover all costs?
  • Determine criteria for who will receive funds ie. anyone or only those who commit to formation/fundraising/overall program. Be clear at the start to avoid conflict later on.
  • Look at the number of projects you will take on – find out what other fundraising projects are going on in the parish and schedule accordingly. You don’t want to have to compete with other projects like building fund, ShareLife collection, etc.
  • Be sure to thank donors – personal thank you cards or notes from young people are most effective. If it’s regarding an event that you’re asking for money, after the event, have a display of photos, reception in hall, pulpit presentation so that people know how their money was used.
  • Make sure more than one person is in charge of fundraising “accounting”. To be transparent and accountable, have a team count funds, deposit in bank, etc. Never deposit funds into your personal bank account. Set up finances through parish ie. Parish Youth Ministry Fund, St. John’s Parish WYD Bank Account, etc.
  • Consider the amount of labour and planning that goes into your events and what the end yield will be. Putting on a “talent night” fundraiser may sound like a great idea but if it costs $1000 to rent equipment, staging, etc. and only brings in $1200 it may not be the best use of time and resources.
  • When setting prices for things like “bake sales” or “car washes”, consider asking for a "donation". You’ll end up getting more than you would if you had a set price. Also be sure to distribute information at these events about what you’re doing. People want to know where their money is going.
  • Consider the involvement of service clubs – ie. Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women's League, etc. but also be aware of the numerous requests they receive. Consider opportunities for them to receive recognition or partner with your events. What ways could you work together?
  • Make sure your youth ministry team knows about programs, new initiatives and is well-informed. You don’t want a potential donor asking about a new program only to receive the response, “I don’t know. I’m just doing my shift at the table.” Those “selling” your program need to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
  • Have fun – people want to be part of fun activities. Do what you can to ensure you get the job done but have a great time doing it!

* Visit your Local Church


Send me your pictures doing one of the many chores Christ has called us to do.  Have you helped raise money for the less fortunate? Have you hugged a child today? Have you done all that you can do to lift up the Lord?

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Just as Jesus did, we also must be subservient

Don't forget about Sunday School each week!

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