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This section will highlight significant events occurring throughout the year.
Jan: A new year, let us renew our commitment to the Lord.
Feb: Valentines.... The season for LOVE, without it we have nothing. (to give)

March:Almost time to spring into action: Let the people know you care.

April:This is the month that I was born, so it is my time to THANK the Lord for ALL my blessings.

May: May the Lord bless you and yours now and always!!!!!

June:It is now time to reflect not only on what you have done with the year thus far, but on how you will make the rest of the year better.

Jul: Never rest utill all is right with you and the Lord.

Aug: Keep the faith all year.

September is around the corner; don’t forget to get your picnic supplies together.

Oct: As the kids go out to play, know that Jesus is HERE to STAY.

Nov: As you go out and purchase presents for your friends and loved ones, remember the price Jesus paid on your behalf.

Dec: Please remember the reason for the season. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas!!!!!!



Church "Christ" Centered

Prayer Page

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This page will keep you up to date on who needs what.  Who needs our prayers.  Do you? If your name is not listed, just go to the site survey page let me know who you are and what you need us to pray about.  "When two or more are gathered in HIS name..." May the Lord always Bless you.

People will be added here as time goes by, just to let you know you all are in our prayers.  

Aden G







Andre H









Barbara C


Beate L

Becky B

Bill H


Byron M

Brandon G 

Brenda S













Dan S




Dawn B

Dawn M







Dona S












Florence and her baby and one on the way!


Gary B







Harry E





Ilona R



James A

James L

James S

Jason G


Jeffery S


Jessica G

Jeremy B and his boys (Mark and Kevin)


Jesus J

Jesse S

Jenua K





Jurgen H

Keith P and wife

Kevin R and wife

Kevin C


KimmyJo and family

Kelly E

Ketto K


Laura L

Larry I




Lisa Y

Lupita G

Louis H

Lydia G


Maribelle G

Maria S

Martha L

Marty L




Michael S

Michael B 

Michelle F

Mindy B

Monica B


Nan P

Nidsa H

Nidsa B (lil)




Patrick Leon











Randy M













Stacey W

Stephanie B



Teresa G

Theresa D


Theresa G



Tony G

Tony R




Wilito S










Announcements and Prayer Request

Please e-mail me your prayer requests or you can visit my sign in book and place your request there.  We will then post them to this site after praying about it. Lord all of our prayers are with the knowledge that our way isn't always your way and that Your Will Be Done must be our foremost thought.   


Praise Jesus: Lisa is still in the hospital with tightness in the chest but BOL is now 96 and she is doing better.

Lord Jesus, We humbly ask that you watch over and take care of Nancy’s Mom; she had a severe asthma attack last night and was taken to ER with ambulance. Her Blood Oxygen was 83.

Lord we pray that you watch over Dawn’s ex-husband he is having medical issues.

Lord, we PRAISE Your sacred name!! They found that the medication Mrs. Brenda’s son was on would have reacted with Anastasia and could have killed him. Praise Jesus someone noticed it and the surgery was stopped!!! My God is an awesome God!!!

Lord, we pray that you bless Mrs. Brenda she is having problems with the elders in her church.

Lord Father God, we pray that you bless Mrs. Brenda's son! He must have a surgery and Mrs. Brenda is having an uneasy feeling about it. Please bless her and her son!

Father God in Heaven please watch over and care for Lisa on her trip to GA to be with her daughter Nancy and family.

We pray Lord Father that you bless Dawn and her Family during this time of uncertainty.

Lord; please bless Nancy as she has to travel to FL to the Mayo Clinic to under go test!

Lord; please guide Mr. Jesse in his thoughts about his employment!

Lord please bless Mindy and her injury!


Lord Father God in heaven, we ask that you forgive us our sins, Lord we ask for a healing for George Dees and his family. We thank you for your compassion and mercy. In Jesus name we pray.


Lord we pray for Cricket, Lord give her strength and encouragement as she struggles through her illness. Also Lord comfort her and her family. Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord!! Praise to you up high!!

Lord we pray for Dogo, to be released from the bonds of probation.

Lord we continue to pray for Nancy’s eyes, touch them Lord! Give her and her family the strength to make it through this difficult time. Thank you in advance Lord!! We continue to have faith, let YOUR will be done! In Jesus name we pray!!


Lord Please Bless Mr. B wife! Thank you!!

Lord Please Bless Mr. Jesse, he is struggling with his carrier and his career choices, guide him please!

                Thank you Lord, you never stop amazing me!

Lord Please Bless Jessica with her ailments!

Lord Please Bless baby Aden during his illness!

                Thank you Lord Father God in Heaven!

Praise the Lord, Mrs. Brenda’s son is doing well!

Lord Please bless Mrs. Brenda and her son during their time of suffering!

Praise the Lord, the doctors made a mistake! Michael will be fine!


Lord Father God in Heaven, we humbly pray for Michael Sands, Lord we need your healing hand, touch his jaw, Lord and let him be cancer free. Lord, please give his wife Lisa strength and wisdom throughout this time of worry to place it in Your hand. Let Michael’s doctors have the knowhow to correct whatever problem the find. Lord Father God in Heaven we pray in the loving name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for the victory, we know everything is for Your glory and we give You the praise.

Thank you Lord!! Praise to you up high!!

Lord Father God in heaven we pray Leslee finds strength and healing from her illness and we pray her daughter’s diagnosis is with good outcome.

Thank you Lord!! Praise to you up high!!

Lord Father God in heaven we pray for Felicia Northrop and her family situation, allow her to receive comfort in knowing Your are watching over her daughter and  please Lord soften her daughters heart.

We thank you Lord for all your blessings and truths. We give you ALL the Praise, Honor, and Glory.


We continue to pray for a miracle for Michelle L. Farrar, Lord Father God in Heaven if it be Your will, enable her to get up and walk, in Jesus Name we pray.

We are praying the Patrick Leon Kindley will be released 10-27-09 and that he arrives home a NEW man in Christ Jesus. Allow him to be a beacon of light to others an inspiration to his children and a loving son to his devoted mother Jenua.  Bless him and his entire family now and forever. In Jesus name we pray.  

We are praying Raven will find comfort were she needs to be.

Stacey is looking for work, that will cover all expenses, please pray.  

T is now in school and the kids are with the grandparents, we pray sanity and guidance for them and successes for Teresa while at school.  

Lisa’s husband Jack is having problems with his heart; pray it heals on its own.

Rev. Nancy’s mom Lisa is having eye surgery, please pray for speedy recovery.

Keep Keith in your prayers for training.

Stacey and Raven are traveling; pray they make it to where they are meant to be safely.

Jessica is with child; please pray for her health, and the babies.

Ms. Teresa and Jamaisa are back. Yea and Jamaisa made honor roll.  

The babies are now both with Theresa and Bronte!!!! GOD is good all the time.

Stacey is out of surgery, but not out of the woods. Please pray for long suffering to come to an end.

Nan is looking for work, please pray she finds it.

*******Please pray for Mrs. Hays and her family as she goes through many changes in her life. Some great i.e., her only daughter Lil’ Nidsa has joined in holy matrimony to Kenneth. Some not so great, like her moving from familiar surroundings to a new job with in the same company. Some down right bad news, for example Mr. Hay’s recent medical diagnosis of diabetes.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers. 


Theresa and Bronte need special prayers now for the babies they are trying to adopt.

Michelle is having another surgery; please keep her in your prayers, for a speedy recovery.

Stacey and Raven need your prayer now, Keith is doing the Marine thing and Stacey has surgery. Please pray for them all.

Again, Rev. Nancy is going to fellowship with Michelle this month; keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers

Jamaisa is having a rough time in school please pray for her.

Ms. Teresa and daughter are going to Macon to spend time recouping from surgery, pray for her and her family.

Please Pray the Lord watches over Mr. Jesse and Jessica keep them safe from harm and away from temptation.

Rev. Nancy is going to fellowship with Michelle this month; keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Everyone please pray for my long lost and now found friend Michelle, she was in a car accident and has lost the ability to walk. (For now) The Lord can do miracles. She has gone to Korea to get surgery and it has helped. The Lord will work wonders for her. Keep the faith and the prayers ongoing.

Jim home and doing well, Praise be to the Lord.

Complications, with Jim, please pray for immediate recovery.

Rev. Nancy’s Father Jim is going in for Surgery, pray for him, please.

Thank the Lord Jessica Has come home, she is finished with school and doing well.


Yea, praise the Lord she has found it!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us all keep Minister Roberson's wife Carolyn in our prayers she is looking for work closer to home, in the clerical field.


Everyone please keep Jessica in your prayers, she has been enrolled in her new school. It is always difficult when placed in new surroundings.


Let us all keep Florence and her new friend in our prayers as they went out of state TDY. We miss them, and pray their safe return.


New update Laura has given birth to Logan and Matt is now the proud father of Dawson, Robert and Logan. May God bless them always also keep in mind Matt left for Iraq Tuesday. Keep them in your prayers. If anyone has any free time to offer any help to Laura and or the kids let me know. Thank you all.


Congratulations to Laura and Matt on their soon to be addition of baby Logan to the family.


Congratulations to Florence for getting her business off and running, in addition to school, full-time work, and her own business, having a relationship with the Lord and a new fellow, she has started selling Mary Kay products. I am putting the site link incase you need some products.

So she is one very busy young lady. So please keep her in your prayers.

Check out her site she has done much updating. Keep up the good work FLO.


Doris in Florida, under went surgury, for bleeding of the brain this morning. Please pray for her, Roger, and the hospital staff.


Peter is out of surgury and doing well. Keep him in your prayers he is not back to work yet.


Peter has surgury next week on his ear. Pray for him and the staff that will work on him.


May: Michael and Mira had a beautiful baby girl. She is an angel sent from above. Blessings have been sent her way. May Jennifer live a long healthy Christian life.


May: Rev. Nancy's uncle Otto passed away after a long battle with illness. Now her Aunt Veronica is in the hospital with a tumor on her pancreas, she has always put others first, taking care of Otto and her aged ill mother in their one room apartment. Now she must concentrate on herself and get better, just as she did when she overcame lung cancer.  Please keep her in your prayers and lift her up to the Lord.




March: James' Aunt has passed away, please keep him and his family in your prayers.


Feb: Larry's a Grandpa, we wish you your wife and your baby, her hubby, and their baby all of Gods Blessings.


Feb: Thank you, Thank you, PJ is doing a little better, but still needs all of us to pray for him.


NEW News:  PLEASE pray for PJ, he was involved in a very odd sledding accident. He has had several surgeries and a blood transfusion but he still needs more. PJ's family has not given up and continue to pray fervently for his speedy recovery. Please do the same. Thank you and may God richly bless you.


Lates update: Kelly and Family are doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Lates update: Kelly has lost the baby, our hearts go out to her and Jesse and of course Erin and Morgan aswell. Please let us pray the Lord continues to bless them even as they go through this season.


!!!!!!!Update: Kelly has signed herself out of the Hospital, despite the Doctors request, so she realy needs our prayers to keep herself and the baby safe and calm. Thank you .


****** Please keep Kelly in your prayers she is currently in the hospital with complications.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family, in her time of need.


******Please keep all the soldiers defending our country in your thoughts and prayers.



*****Please keep Doris in your prayers, for her knee. Thank you


This is what Florence had to say after going to church, and we want her to know that we are ecstatic for her and expect great and Godly things, let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers. .......


"The last few months have been very difficult for me. At the end of my relationship with Eric, my life has changed for the better and the worst. My health is slowly fading and my body is falling apart. With a renewed faith in God and myself, I became reSAVED today. My family and friends have helped me to make the decision to give myself completely to Christ. The Lord has always been with me but now I'm with Him. I would like to thank you Ms. G for being my inspiration and guide throughout all of my trials. Thank you for loving, supporting, and encouraging me to be more than I am. I love you very much."


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